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Volume 2: Albatross

Release Date:


Production Team:

Zadok Wartes (Producer, Mixing Engineer), Tara Ward (Producer), Joshua Sherman (Recording Engineer), Christopher Mael (Recording Engineer), Mark Mohrlang (Second Engineer), Floyd Reitsma (Mastering Engineer), Phil Nellis (Cover Art)

Executive Producers:

Ian Schmidt, Tim Sneath, Louise Sneath
1. What Wondrous Love Is This
A relic from the Civil War era. As written, it had aged well with its old timey glory. With this version, a bit of dred felt in order. The melody remains with some lyrical repeats ommitted. "Sail To The Moon" by Radiohead provided some direction. Slow, achingly plodding at first, then settling into an uneven groove with the percussion. We enjoyed the calm that came about in the third repeat of the intro, even though the format is unorthodox. We hoped to strike a balance between letting the song drive, while maintaining a sense of unpredictability about the meter. Nine-chords are lovely things.

music: William Walker; arr. by Joel Eby
lyric: Alexander Means
musicians: Lacey Brown (drumkit), Ryan Davis (bass), Tara Ward (voice), Joel Eby (piano), Kay Lambert (cello), Mark Mohrlang (guitar), Zadok Wartes (synthesizer, sampler)
time: 4:39

2. This Is To Mother You
All your unhappiness, I will take away with my kiss. O'Connor speaks of God in language we do not yet know.

music: Sinéad O'Connor; arr. by Kay Lambert, Tara Ward
lyric: Sinéad O'Connor
musicians: Joel Eby (piano), Mark Mohrlang (guitar), Zadok Wartes (voice, synthesizer), Matt Chism (percussion), Tara Ward (voice), Kay Lambert (cello)
time: 4:32

3. Psalm 13
A troubling, dark psalm with an unbelievable optimism as the denouement. Written on a day in which the words were personal sentiments. A song that came pouring out on inception but quite a challenge to perform well.

music: Tara Ward
lyric: public domain
musicians: Tara Ward (voice), Zadok Wartes (synthesizer, voice), Lacey Brown (drumkit), Ryan Davis (bass), Kay Lambert (cello), Joel Eby (piano)
time: 5:22

4. The Hound Of Heaven And Hell
Live recording at Daniels Recital Hall, featuring Seattle's largest pipe organ as played by artist-in-residence Mark Andersen. Named after and inspired by Francis Thompson's "The Hound Of Heaven" as well as the complicated Psalm 139, which among other things, ponders the matter of God's presence—it elicits comfort and terror. The Psalmist and Thompson, who himself endured a life of addiction and loneliness, seem ambiguous on the matter.

music: Mark Mohrlang, Zadok Wartes
lyric: Mark Mohrlang, Zadok Wartes
musicians: Lacey Brown (drumkit), Mark Mohrlang (guitar, voice, piano), Zadok Wartes (voice, synthesizer), Tara Ward (voice), Ryan Davis (bass), Matt Chism (percussion), Mark Andersen (pipe organ)
time: 8:26

5. Light Of Those Whose Dreary Dwelling
A hopeful, melancholy, and little used text by the titan, Charles Wesley. Efforts were made to learn and reproduce the common music for the piece, but it was all too cheery. We're certain our melody is a sub-conscious blend of other hymns. Whenever you create such a natural melody you begin to wonder where and who it came from. Ending the record in the dreary dwelling felt in line with the theme and namesake, an albatross—that which hangs around the neck, hinders, or handicaps.

music: Zadok Wartes
lyric: Charles Wesley
musicians: Zadok Wartes (voice, synthesizer), Tara Ward (voice)
time: 3:18

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