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Volume 1: Make A Sound

Release Date:


Production Team:

Zadok Wartes (Producer, Mixing Engineer), Tara Ward (Assistant Producer), Joshua Sherman (Recording Engineer), Jason Gregory (Recording Engineer), John Metzler (Assistant Engineer), Floyd Reitsma (Mastering Engineer), Jeremy Mangan (Cover Art)

Executive Producers:

Patrick Meagher, Jena Meagher, Tim Soerens, Cote Soerens
1. Awaken The Dawn
Live recording, inspired by Ramandu's morning song as found in "The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader" novel. It is described in such mystery and beauty, descriptors such as "high" and "shrill". This is our crack at it.

music: Tara Ward
lyric: Tara Ward
musicians: Greg Swinehart (drumkit), Ryan Davis (bass), Tara Ward (voice), Joel Eby (piano), Mark Mohrlang (guitar), Zadok Wartes (voice)
time: 4:37

2. Ringing Home
Live recording. This might have been on the third Mercir record, had we set out to create it. A bit of French, repetitive mumbling, the prescriptive chorus "don't you hate the sun, don't you have a song".

music: Joel Eby, Zadok Wartes
lyric: Zadok Wartes
musicians: Joel Eby (piano), Mark Mohrlang (guitar, voice), Zadok Wartes (voice, synthesizer, drum programming), Tara Ward (voice), Constance Shepherd (violin), Tami Collins (violin), Ben Fowler (clarinet), Kay Lambert (cello)
time: 5:33

3. Lesson & Response
Live recording, inspired by the Aphex Twin album by Alarm Will Sound. Ben pushed the aleatoric elements with his score, giving each of the musicians a relatively wide range to improvise in specific places. The coda as well, is a nod to an Aphex Twin favorite, "Avril 14th". The chorus, which is the namesake for the record is an ambiguous declaration—either an isolated soul crying to hear something, or God's desire for creation to make itself known through sound.

music: Zadok Wartes
lyric: Zadok Wartes
musicians: Constance Shepherd (violin), Jacob Kauffmann (bassoon), Tami Collins (violin), Tom Parker (flute), Zadok Wartes (voice, synthesizer, drum programming), Mark Mohrlang (guitar, voice), Ben Fowler (clarinet, score), Kay Lambert (cello), Tara Ward (voice), Joel Eby (piano)
time: 4:28

4. He Shall Feed His Flock
Live recording. "Messiah" is plumb full of gorgeous melodies and should probably not be bothered with. We reframed this with our own instrumentation and aesthetic hoping to hear Handel's seminal work on new terms. Sometimes a bit of arrogance is healthy.

music: George Handel; arr. by Tara Ward
lyric: George Handel
musicians: Ryan Davis (bass), Joel Eby (synthesizer), Lacey Brown (drumkit), Zadok Wartes (voice), Tara Ward (voice), Mark Mohrlang (guitar), Matt Chism (sampler)
time: 5:28

5. That Fear Him
Written at our first session and rarely performed since. Rooted on Elbow's "Grace Under Pressure" beat, the tempo and swagger of this song makes for lousy music in the cathedral.

music: Joel Eby, Zadok Wartes
lyric: Tara Ward, Zadok Wartes
musicians: Lacey Brown (drumkit), Mark Mohrlang (guitar), Joel Eby (piano), Zadok Wartes (voice, synthesizer), Tara Ward (voice), Ryan Davis (bass)
time: 5:10

6. Sanctus (For Cathedral)
The slow-as-molasses synth melody came to mind in the elevator ride one afternoon; the smart phone voice recorder meant it wasn't lost. All that was needed was the right bloated synth and copious reverb. Tara improvised the melody on her second listen and we tracked it immediately. The energy in our box studio was unnerving and loud. She sang a good meter off mic. This is singing in tongues.

music: Zadok Wartes
lyric: Tara Ward
musicians: Tara Ward (voice), Zadok Wartes (synthesizer), Matt Chism (trumpet, sampler)
time: 4:37

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