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May 2019
Lying low for now.

Volume 4: Thou/Art

A redirection from our previous work, this ten-song studio album is predominantly constructed of synthesized instruments. Exploring themes of the body, self-worth, rest, and damnation.

2012 | 40 minutes | liner notes

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Volume 3: From The Belly Of A Woman

Live recording from December 4th, 2010 performance at Immanuel Lutheran in Seattle, Washington. Among them: a favorite that has eluded proper recording, "I Heard The Bells"; a classic carol we haven't yet tired of, riding on Radiohead's "There There" beat; and another adaptation from Handel's "Messiah".

2011 | 41 minutes | liner notes

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Volume 2: Albatross

A mix of live and studio recordings including a favorite by the inimitable Sinéad O'Connor; "The Hound Of Heaven And Hell" inspired by Francis Thompson's poem of similar title, featuring Seattle's biggest pipe organ at Daniels Recital Hall; and an adaptation of "Light Of Those Whose Dreary Dwelling".

2010 | 31 minutes | liner notes

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Volume 1: Make A Sound

First record, spanning sounds from the clean and simple, to electronic flam, to loud and dense. Live recording of "Lesson & Response" contains aleatoric elements; "Ringing Home", also live, employs a bit of French for no particular reason; our first adaptation from Handel's "Messiah"; and the closing piece, tracked at our studio "Sanctus (For Cathedral)".

2010 | 30 minutes | liner notes

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The name is a nod both to the Christian liturgical form and to Karl Marx's assessment that religion is the opiate for the masses. Perhaps it is; and perhaps the common desire for comfort, rest, escape, or relief are more complicated and mysterious than we know. In our pursuit of creating spaces of beauty and awe, we find ourselves partial to cathedrals, antiquity, ambiance, pipe organs, samplers, synthesizers, incense, tongues, silence, joy, meditation, ambiguity, the abstract.

We encourage and believe in non-commercial performing, remixing, sharing, appropriating, and sampling of all our music (Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial). Let us know if you have other uses in mind; we'll most likely be very cool about it.


We are a performing arts group made up of musicians, songwriters, artists, audio engineers, light designers, and authors. While this endeavor is certainly a labor of love, the quality and quantity is dependent on reasonable community support. Supporters over $50 are credited as an Executive Producer on our next album and receive an advance copy.



"Not festive." - Christianity Today